InfraRed For Inflammation

I listened to a lecture last night and the speaker was mentioning the Amethyst Biomat benefits. Its always good to get a reminder and be educated about our health. The key point being made was that inflammation in the body is the beginning of all disease. The infrared light in the biomat goes thru the amethyst crystals and into the body 6 inches to detox the body and flush out inflammation. An infrared sauna , in comparison , may only go 2 inches into the body. Come for a session on the biomat-give your body a treat. I am at 16 mile and Van Dyke. Email me at to schedule. OR visit

December Update-Latest Healing Available

Well, I feel it is time to really step-up the education of the masses about the healing that is available outside western medicine , especially for cancer which has reached epidemic proportions. My attention was recently drawn to the Obituaries page in the local paper here.
A beautiful woman who had died "after a long battle with cancer". And in the column next to her a man who had died "after a long battle with cancer". They were both in their mid-fifties-this is crazy I thought-this doesnt need to happen. What if they knew there was a way to deal with cancer in the body. Not only one way , but several ways. Yes, please know that cancer can be dealt with....lets talk!

To begin with there is a Cantron protocol available (a natural nutrional supplement) thru a man here in Michigan. He has worked with over 6,000 people who have successfully healed their cancer with this protocol. Email me for contact information.

Secondly, there is a remote healing technology available that has helped people with cancer and many other issues. Easy to enroll into, it provides healing 24/7 to you wherever you are via your photograph!

Third, watch this video where Greg Braden talks about a medicineless hospital in China where they cured someone in under 3 minutes of cancer. Greg is a brilliant speaker, researcher, teacher.

This speaks to What is possible very clearly. Isnt it time for us to at least open our minds?
These are just 3 possibilities. This hospital in China that Greg speaks of was closed for political reasons by the government in 2001. However they had documented thousands of healings that had occured by that time.
You can also visit Dr. Brownsteins site for some resources/info for wholistic treatments.
He is a Medical doctor who is Board Certified in wholistic medicine.
Here is another site i found:
The latest scientific breakthrough for a super-mega-antioxidant is called
I invite you to do your own research or give me a call to learn of more possibilities. They are endless and have a very high potential for you to heal yourself. There is great hope for you here. Blessings.

Activating Your New Earth Visions for the 11/11/for 11 days!

Hello Everyone!

I had a visit from a light being last week. She appeared in my family room as I was reading a book. When I looked up, I saw a brilliant circle of light in front of the TV. I thought something was wrong with my eyes, so I looked away and back again several times. I asked who are you? And she replied that she was sent from The Most High God to assist me. And if I wanted assistance to put my hands in prayer position. So I did ...and she led me thru a very powerful DNA exercise/activation.

As I was following her instructions, I opened my eyes a bit and I could see her in my energy field. Her circular being was more enlarged. Then, as I finished the exercise and opened my eyes, she was quite immense in size, now being the size of a large portal that you could walk thru!! And beautiful...she left saying she would be back. Wow--I was stunned!! This was last week, Wednesday, the day after elections.

She came back on Saturday. And this time she came while we were waiting for our table at a crowded restaurant! As we got seated, she came in very close, bopping between David & I and around us as we talked to a friend that we knew who just happened by our table. I asked her what did she want to tell me. She said expect something of great excitement. Great excitement is coming! Once she told me the message, poof , off she went. Gone! We were laughing and thinking it must be related to the long awaited announcements that will bring all financial freedom and sovereignty. Yes, lets get on with the show!

So, in light of that...lets all activate our visions for the New Earth in sync with the date today and for the next 11 days at 11:11 am or pm or both if you can! We are now in the time where it is All for One! Read Ashtars latest message in regards to this and post your vision in a brief statement on The We The People website. We can all help to activate each others mission/vision by visiting the website often for the rest of the month and holding intention. Go to And...
Here is my mission/vision.
I am fully activated and engaged with the manifesting of The Divine Plan on Earth.
I am overseeing the first Healing & Transformation Center on Earth which will be a template for all the others that will go up very quickly around the globe. I have sent out "The Call", a Power Point presentation to gather and connect all who will participate in the centers. We communicate much more easily now as telepathy and advanced forms of communication are now available from the Galactics. With the help of the Replicators, each center goes up easily with blueprints already developed by the Galactic architects. Everyone is joining together under the Law of One to be healed and to heal the planet. The waters are pristine in 30 days. The air is clear and pure. Nature abounds. We talk to the fairie beings, the nature spirits and the animals.

Inroads to The New Earth

First and most important, Wow-Meet Raj Patel, Author of "The Value of Nothing" , laying it out for us in lavender. Could he be Maitreya, The World Teacher???? Hmmmm....
Check it out here

In addition...there are many of our Hollywood people that are busy creating inroads to The New Earth. Just a couple of them are Goldie Hawn....motivated by the increasing depression and violence in our schools created a foundation in 2003 to help rethink our whole approach to classroom education and help our children be more successful, nurtured and loved.
Something to consider: Could you be overscheduling your children , it the other end of the
spectrum---not spending any time or enough quality time with your children? What about mom time and dad time with the kids-- is there a way to create balance there? We need to break the bad habits and patterns we took on from our parents instead of handing them down. Are you a workaholic and using that as an excuse to avoid your relationship(s) issues? How close are you really to your spouse, your daughter, your son? Do you know what is closest to your wife's heart? Your daughter's? Ask yourself to stretch and consider where can I be more compassionate, more loving with my family.and friends...Have you seen the TV show based on "Challenge Days (a workshop for kids) called: "If You Really Knew ME? I challenge you to watch just one show this week on MTV , 11pm Tuesdays, 6pm Wednesdays. (its Channel 31 -we have Wowway). If you do take the time to watch -you will see that the Majority of our kids need help and they are not getting the parenting and love that they need. We need to do things better, way better. Ask yourself--how can i Do it better for my kids--or How can i Show up more. Ask them.

It is always best to strive for balance.....Watch Goldies video interviews on the website and see what she's been up to by visiting her at

George Lucas has dedicated himself to a similar mission to improve education for our children and has created many ideal interactive learning environments and so much more at

If we all are willing to stretch just a little, take one step at a time, and break our old victim-based patterns, we will regain the sanity, balance, peace and love that we all need.

Finally, I want to mention Jacques Fresco as a very important man who has created a model for living in The New Earth.He has a model of the building and social structures built in Florida. And there is alot of information and pictures of the structures to give you a good idea of what it could look like! go to

We are being prepared for a Galactic Society where everyone participates and everyone is held accountable will be done in joy and love and we will have fun doing it!!! Imagine that!

Transformational Tools To Help Navigate Now!

Hello Energetic Beings!
I found the artwork and artist for the Healing Center! I will post something on it later--I did write about it in our online journal-take a peek there for now if you like. Its in the Community News article. Go to

My attention has been drawn to find and share more and more tools to use to help us release and find balance in these very intense energies. I am told the energies will only continue to be more intense, no letting up. So , it is best for us to learn to go with the flow and let go!! I like to always expedite and find the fastest ways to do the releasing process so we can enjoy the ride. Well, here they are --these are the ones I have been using. I will update this blog as I continue to receive more ways to assist.
Dont procrastinate--and if you are used to putting yourself last, time to re-prioritize!! It is co-dependent to take care of everyone else and not take care of your needs. Take care of self first, then you have what it takes to care for everyone else. Nurture yourself and allow healing. Not a time for blame, resentment, etc. Do your best to be loving and supportive to those around you more and more of the time. We all need to help each other. These are the times of Unity consciousness. Put those sticky notes up to remind yourself. I love you! We must be accountable for all of our creations now. When you are triggered, there is work to do-dont be hard on yourself , love yourself more and use one of the following process'.

#1 Use Hoponopono to cleanse and clear quickly. Use your intention to direct it to a specific situation or relationship that you want clearing on. Say I love you, thank you. This is a shortcut of the long form in which you would say the first two--"I love you. Thank you . Then add, Please forgive me. Thank you. " if you want to do the long form. The Dali Lama just said "I Love you" all day long to his pancreas to cure his pancreatic cancer. The trick is to say it with Feeling! Like you mean it!! It works! You can research it on the internet or read Joe Vitales book "Zero Limits,The Secret Hawaaian Method for Healing and Abundance" for more info on Hoponopono, What it is and Why and How it Works.

#2. Use this number like you would the Hoponopono. It is called the power code for Complete Love. 99999 999 55555 55. It works. I send it to my inner child often.
#2a. Say the Law of One out loud with conviction for a court case, or any agitated relationship.
It is powerful!
We Are All One
When One 'Is Harmed, All Are Harmed
When One Is Helped, All Are Helped
Therefore In The Name of Who I Am
And I Am One With All There Is
I Ask That Only That Which Is
The Best And Highest Good Happen Here
And I Give Thanks That This is Done
So Be It.

#3. A bit more of a time investment , but works great for releasing subconscious patterns
and addictions that may be needing deeper work. A free ebook called "The Quest" can be downloaded giving you the gist of the process how to. Go to
to print out the process , around page 83 in her book.

#4. Read the book "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman and use the process
in her book to release negative emotions held in the body or subconscious patterns.

#5. Order From Patricia Cota Robles site the healing cds "A New Order of Healing" and Physical Transformation. Very Excellent!

#6. Come for an Amethyst Biomat Session in my Healing & Transformation Room to
experience a Quantum Tuneup for the Body, stress release , immune boost and so on.
First time visit is only $10 for 45 minutes! Email me at to schedule.
I am near 16 and Van Dyke in Sterling Heights.
#7. Purchase the Cd Set "The Sedona Method" for another option to do deep clearing
work. My husband and I have done this series. Very good. Go to and click on any story to find the link for these.
#8. Use essential oils- I recently attended a lecture by Dr. David Hill, MD. on the oils.
If you come to my Healing and Transformation Room for a session, you can experience lavendar.
Dr. Hill stated in his lecture that essential oils are moving to the forefront of medicine.
He is partnering with doctors in Utah who want to use the oils in place of some prescriptions-
this is amazing and a definite sign that times are a changing and its time for the Healing Centers to manifest very soon!!! I recommend getting lavendar, peppermint and frankincense for everday use -for good health, and preventative. It is best to get good quality oils- no dollar store stuff. You may wish to visit

Hold your attention on what you want to create. What you focus on you will attract more of.
If your on the River of Denial-get off. There is love for you here. Love you all!!

Introducing the Amethyst Biomat

I am now officially launching the Healing and Transformation Center with the introduction of the Amethyst Biomat Sessions in my home. With the guidance of St. Germain, I was connected with this product and the directive to energetically, with strong intention launch the Center.
So many people are being healed with this amazing far-infrared heat therapy mat filled with 28 pounds of Amethyst crystals. Good for pain, reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow, destroy cancer and viral cells, benefits circulatory system, etc.

You may try the mat for free with a 15 minute session, or do a 45 minute session for $10.Follup sesssions will be only $30! Come and experience a sense of deep peace and relaxation just to reduce stress. See my products section or my website for more information.

Get your own biomat today and be healed while you sleep! I am so excited to be offering this to my clients.

The Galactic Federation is Here

Recent siting of ufo in London. Dont believe for a minute that the Galactic Federation isnt here. They have mitigated the explosion that occurred in the Gulf. They are here to help us co-create our new earth with the new technologies. They must be invited in to help and assist. They are not here to do it for us. We must be the peace and welcome them in. Consider participating by being the peace and inviting them into our world.

The Ascended Masters are saying we must stand in our power and stop this now.
Referring to the gulf oil spill. And we have been given a challenge to take full responsibility for what occurs on this planet. To stand up for ourselves and speak out when we see something that is not for the good of the people and the planet. The time is now. Wake up. Walk your talk. Be in integrity. Realize you are the I AM and you agreed to be here now, to wake up and raise your consciousness. Please pray daily and send the violet flame 24/7 - with the help of St. Germain. And say , intensify, intensify, intensify a thousand times a thousand fold. Join a prayer group on the net or via teleconference to pray together in groups. We need to come together more often now. Send a note to your senators and the President asking for the new energies to be released. Thanks for participating!

Here is some information to pass on to raise awareness of the reality of the situation , and the need for prayer.

Go to and click on A deadly bubble to view the latest breaking news dated June 14th, 2010. For the power of the violet flame, go to

Another informational Audio file is located on you tube. After you get on You Tube- type in Bill Deagle Project Camelot, Evacuate Florida by this Summer.

On you tube again, type in Urgent Message from Keisha , Little Grandmother

To send an email message to the President , go to and click on Contact Me. Or call 202-456-1414 to leave a message with the operator.

Doctors Who are Curing Cancer

Suzanne Sommers has a new book out "Knockout Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer". This is breaking ground into where we really need to be going. To Educate the people about how to take back their power by opening up to making other choices for how to take care of their bodies.
Suzanne outlines how some doctors are stepping outside the box to change their path to one of caring most about making people well. With cancer now the #1 killer in our country, we need to get started to making cancer preventable, manageable and curable. This is a start.

There are alternatives available in addition to what Suzanne talks about that I have found on my path of research over the past several years. I can share with you ways that I am and have been using to prevent and stay healthy. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear of more very viable ways that deal with and prevent cancer/disease in the body. We may not be able to help everyone , however we can certainly change the trend in a significant way from being an increasing one to being drastically reduced!

My email is or my website is

Marianne Williamson in Detroit

I went to hear Marianne Williamson speak at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit and want to share. She spoke straight from the heart and presented alot of clarity to the vision of what is happening in Detroit and on our planet. She began by talking about how the same aircraft that we use for military means was also used to carry supplies to the people of Haiti. She then led into how she spoke at Renaissance Unity (where she was Sr. Minister for four years here in the Detroit area) about how we needed to transform the auto industry into having and being the focus for the new sustainable energy and fuels that will support the environment and the people and allow us to move forward in a responsible and wholistic way. How our addiction to oil must stop and this is what the Gulf oil spill is about---showing us that we must stop now, wake up and take responsibility. Do the 12 steps so to speak for this crazy addiction. Acknowledge that we have been addicted to oil and get on with the healing of this planet. Stop being in denial like alot of addicts are because you cannot heal unless you acknowledge that you have a problem.
I feel that she was right on. It was a very moving experience sitting there in the heart of Detroit , the mirocosm of the macrocosm. I felt the wound being directly spoken to. I ran the violet flame throughout much of her talk.

The Central United Methodist Church is addressing some of the greatest needs of Detroit. They were celebrating their 200th anniversary. They are organizing an action rally on June 24th at 9am to have the Mayor and the Governor declare a state of emergency to stop the foreclosures being done by the banks-the idea is to motivate the banks to move away from the idea of profit and greed and move towards the idea of helping the people. They have made thousands of dollars on these properties. Time to come from the heart! Our corporations need to change. We do have alot of power when we come together.

The church also feeds thousands of homeless people and are in need of your support. Please consider helping by sending love and light at 9pm each night to the city of Detroit. And visit the church for their Sunday 10 am service or their website for more information at

June 1, 2010

Wow! The vibrations are really high- have you all noticed? The push to be in integrity and clean up your issues is on. I personally love it and am able to go with the flow and help people out.

The masters have activated me into a more expanded version of my mission-which is of course moving towards overseeing the Healing and Transformation Centers that will go up in this area of Southeastern Michigan very quicky after announcements of the new economic system and full disclosure.

The form it has taken is in speaking invitations about the alternative healing program that I have participated in for nine years called The Aim Program of Energetic Balancing- Because it will be a priority to move towards self healing and self empowerment as we move more fully into this Quantum Transformation in consciousness. Education of the people is now a must. People have so much to catch up with in order to take their power back and fully embrace their I Am , Christ consciousness.

The other big priority for all of us is to get active in calling your Senators and the President and demand the clean up of the oil spill now and Ask for divine intervention to do so. We must take our planet back before more damage is done. We all need to wake up Now.
We have the technology available to do this clean up and we could use some help from our Galactic friends. They will not intervene unless we ask for it though.

I will include links to our Whitehouse site and a link to the you tube video that talks about the technology we have that would clean up the oil site in a few weeks with no harm to the people or the environment. Please participate and call your Senators to demand the cleanup be done now and ask for Full Disclosure.

I cant seem to upload the you tube video so go to you tube and type in "Gulf Oil Spill- Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks" and it will come up!

Thanks for your participation. The Ascended Masters say that every call and email counts!
Will you help Mother Earth with her ascension? She requests and needs us now.

Visit The Prosperity Portal ,Open to Receive Nesara

The way is being paved for all to prosper. The creator of this program
set it up so that all help each other to cycle. This is whats been missing in the industry! Many are cycling twice a week now. Only a one time fee to join ($299) . Do your due diligence. I did! To learn more, visit me here Sign up for the Webinar by clicking on Call Schedule. This is the portal to the new ways of being. Let go of the old and take a looksee. Sananda gives his blessings on this program as do many others I know. I know people who have cycled and they havent been in long-thats a $777 paycheck! It is fun to share something that actually works and was set up with All in mind-not just ones at the top. Peace and joy!

March 1, 2010

We have now had yet another great earthquake in Chile (8.8). We have been told that this is because Lemuria and Atlantis are rising. And the Galactic presence is helping to mitigate the damage and effects of these quakes by keeping them offshore and dissipating the tsunamis, etc. These continents are huge! In keeping in touch with Mother Sekmet, you can help by sending the earth and these places the violet flame several times a day and asking Archangel Zadkiel and the violet flame angels to multiply and intensify the light sending for you.

You can also help by doing your own inner work to make peace with anyone you may feel a rift with. It is most important now to be the example and walk your talk as we move forward at warp speed. Keep your balance as things begin to manifest much more quickly.

If you really want to keep up with current events and to know the truth of the State of the Planet, please visit and or join our conference calls as listed on the site. You may wish to look up terms and study who is who in order to follow the conversation by visiting

The Archangels have been activating us to be prepared for our next step in our missions to create heaven on earth. All timelines are dissolving. The primary one that remains is the new 5th dimensional timeline. If you feel mostly like living in the moment and your reading this- your on it!! Please visit us and come back here as well. Love and Light!

The Galactic Presence

I am hearing that the ships are still coming in to prepare for first contact. There will be millions of them as the plan is to have one outside of each city. Ashtar has said recently "You dont realize the magnitude of this". This was in response to my frustrations. I was really appreciating him showing up to provide some insights! After all, he is the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation. Wow. That is alot of ships. We were also shown a vision of the ships coming to Haiti and they were all looking up and smiling and jumping up and down. They were rebuilding.
This was really wonderful to be given.

Last night, I had a dream that I was on a mothership looking out a huge window. There were several smaller ships going by! I was so excited--and was wishing I had my camera! I have the understanding from what I've been remembering that we are all doing "mission" work/assignments at night. WE are all quite busy. I ask every nite that I be able to remember what I am doing and working on and where i go. Its starting to pay off!

Get ready for an exciting and monumental year of prosperous changes as we go Galactic and Universal!

January 25th , 2010 Update

We have been told that arrests are complete. And that world governments are now meeting to discuss how they are going to disclose the galactic presence. As the situation in Haiti gets more stabilized (with all of our help) , there will be a move forward to make the announcements that will bring the new economy, prosperity for all and the healing and transformation centers.

The earthquake in Haiti has awakened all of us to a deeper level of healing within. As long as we are allowing it. Are you going with the flow? Resistance is futile! Focus on peace within yourself and you will be fine. Questions are good. Ask for help if you need to. There are many in the angelic and ascended realms that stand ready to help. Seek for balance and harmony in all of your relationships. The best is yet to come and its not far away! WE have a bright future. Support Obama and Mother Earth with your love and the violet flame. Namaste.