March 1, 2010

We have now had yet another great earthquake in Chile (8.8). We have been told that this is because Lemuria and Atlantis are rising. And the Galactic presence is helping to mitigate the damage and effects of these quakes by keeping them offshore and dissipating the tsunamis, etc. These continents are huge! In keeping in touch with Mother Sekmet, you can help by sending the earth and these places the violet flame several times a day and asking Archangel Zadkiel and the violet flame angels to multiply and intensify the light sending for you.

You can also help by doing your own inner work to make peace with anyone you may feel a rift with. It is most important now to be the example and walk your talk as we move forward at warp speed. Keep your balance as things begin to manifest much more quickly.

If you really want to keep up with current events and to know the truth of the State of the Planet, please visit and or join our conference calls as listed on the site. You may wish to look up terms and study who is who in order to follow the conversation by visiting

The Archangels have been activating us to be prepared for our next step in our missions to create heaven on earth. All timelines are dissolving. The primary one that remains is the new 5th dimensional timeline. If you feel mostly like living in the moment and your reading this- your on it!! Please visit us and come back here as well. Love and Light!