InfraRed For Inflammation

I listened to a lecture last night and the speaker was mentioning the Amethyst Biomat benefits. Its always good to get a reminder and be educated about our health. The key point being made was that inflammation in the body is the beginning of all disease. The infrared light in the biomat goes thru the amethyst crystals and into the body 6 inches to detox the body and flush out inflammation. An infrared sauna , in comparison , may only go 2 inches into the body. Come for a session on the biomat-give your body a treat. I am at 16 mile and Van Dyke. Email me at to schedule. OR visit

December Update-Latest Healing Available

Well, I feel it is time to really step-up the education of the masses about the healing that is available outside western medicine , especially for cancer which has reached epidemic proportions. My attention was recently drawn to the Obituaries page in the local paper here.
A beautiful woman who had died "after a long battle with cancer". And in the column next to her a man who had died "after a long battle with cancer". They were both in their mid-fifties-this is crazy I thought-this doesnt need to happen. What if they knew there was a way to deal with cancer in the body. Not only one way , but several ways. Yes, please know that cancer can be dealt with....lets talk!

To begin with there is a Cantron protocol available (a natural nutrional supplement) thru a man here in Michigan. He has worked with over 6,000 people who have successfully healed their cancer with this protocol. Email me for contact information.

Secondly, there is a remote healing technology available that has helped people with cancer and many other issues. Easy to enroll into, it provides healing 24/7 to you wherever you are via your photograph!

Third, watch this video where Greg Braden talks about a medicineless hospital in China where they cured someone in under 3 minutes of cancer. Greg is a brilliant speaker, researcher, teacher.

This speaks to What is possible very clearly. Isnt it time for us to at least open our minds?
These are just 3 possibilities. This hospital in China that Greg speaks of was closed for political reasons by the government in 2001. However they had documented thousands of healings that had occured by that time.
You can also visit Dr. Brownsteins site for some resources/info for wholistic treatments.
He is a Medical doctor who is Board Certified in wholistic medicine.
Here is another site i found:
The latest scientific breakthrough for a super-mega-antioxidant is called
I invite you to do your own research or give me a call to learn of more possibilities. They are endless and have a very high potential for you to heal yourself. There is great hope for you here. Blessings.