This is a hologram you can print out or clik on and save on your computer and email to yourself to save on your phone.  When it is up and active on your computer or phone, you can charge your water and all food for 45 seconds and it will have the 40,000 healing frequencies!  this is the latest and greatest , quickest way to receive for the body.  You may also print out and place under food
and water .  It will help areas of pain, pets, emf protection, anti-aging, age reversal, etc...What else is possible?
What would it look like to be the Magic of Who You Truly Be?

Well, its been quite awhile.  My husband transitioned in November 2015 and soooo much has happened.....just got back from our Bars A Palooza , (a large Access Bars class with mulitple facilitators) class in Ann Arbor and wow, what We all created as we Allowed the Magic to show up was really somthing!!  Looking to create more magic and allow more joy in every moment sounds fun ....What would you like to Choose Today? 

I have talked to my husband in spirit since he left many times and he is quite busy, still doing his healing work and attending alot of Access Classes for free!  He checks in on me and shows up if I ask him to. 

So, now i am creating a new life and choosing each day to have more fun.  and staying in the question and using the Access tools works great !   What would be more magic, joyous and phenomenally fun to invite into my day today?