Activating Your New Earth Visions for the 11/11/for 11 days!

Hello Everyone!

I had a visit from a light being last week. She appeared in my family room as I was reading a book. When I looked up, I saw a brilliant circle of light in front of the TV. I thought something was wrong with my eyes, so I looked away and back again several times. I asked who are you? And she replied that she was sent from The Most High God to assist me. And if I wanted assistance to put my hands in prayer position. So I did ...and she led me thru a very powerful DNA exercise/activation.

As I was following her instructions, I opened my eyes a bit and I could see her in my energy field. Her circular being was more enlarged. Then, as I finished the exercise and opened my eyes, she was quite immense in size, now being the size of a large portal that you could walk thru!! And beautiful...she left saying she would be back. Wow--I was stunned!! This was last week, Wednesday, the day after elections.

She came back on Saturday. And this time she came while we were waiting for our table at a crowded restaurant! As we got seated, she came in very close, bopping between David & I and around us as we talked to a friend that we knew who just happened by our table. I asked her what did she want to tell me. She said expect something of great excitement. Great excitement is coming! Once she told me the message, poof , off she went. Gone! We were laughing and thinking it must be related to the long awaited announcements that will bring all financial freedom and sovereignty. Yes, lets get on with the show!

So, in light of that...lets all activate our visions for the New Earth in sync with the date today and for the next 11 days at 11:11 am or pm or both if you can! We are now in the time where it is All for One! Read Ashtars latest message in regards to this and post your vision in a brief statement on The We The People website. We can all help to activate each others mission/vision by visiting the website often for the rest of the month and holding intention. Go to And...
Here is my mission/vision.
I am fully activated and engaged with the manifesting of The Divine Plan on Earth.
I am overseeing the first Healing & Transformation Center on Earth which will be a template for all the others that will go up very quickly around the globe. I have sent out "The Call", a Power Point presentation to gather and connect all who will participate in the centers. We communicate much more easily now as telepathy and advanced forms of communication are now available from the Galactics. With the help of the Replicators, each center goes up easily with blueprints already developed by the Galactic architects. Everyone is joining together under the Law of One to be healed and to heal the planet. The waters are pristine in 30 days. The air is clear and pure. Nature abounds. We talk to the fairie beings, the nature spirits and the animals.