Access Consciousness SOPMeet the Hollow Earth People

Hello Everyone--- As we travel into the fifth world at hyperspeed, it is getting exciting and challenging at the same time to keep up!
Dave and I just got back from a Symphony of Possibilites training with Access Consciousness Co -founder Dain Heer.  Our molecules are singing and blazing with the energy we are being and accessing now!!!  Wow it was reallly fun and packed into four days what felt like a weeks worth or more of training and healing and, and and...where are the words to expresss?
Dont know anything about Access Classes and what its all about?  Want to know more???- go here to watch tons of free Access Classes online.  Much better to watch than some of the movies or tv shows!
Heres the link"
Sooo , now , we can offer Symphony of Possibilitlies Sessions if you would like the experience.  It took Dain awhile to figure out how to teach SOP.  He is an amazing teacher/facilitator and so gifted.  He can look right into your universe and sense the energy of the perfect questions to facilitate you. I've never met anyone so caring.  It was so refreshing to be in a space of no judgement and total allowing.   Have you ever been in that kind of space?
When we paired off to practice doing the SOP, my workshop partner laughed hysterically, cried, moved her body like a she received.  My body and being was more quiet as i received, but the energy was very palpable and moving!  I played BIG for the first time in my life - it was reallly fun!  We were able to easily let go of issues and receive the greatness of our beings!!  I will ask you- If you could get anything out of this session, What would it be?  Anyone game?
Now back a couple of days from SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) , I  am focusing on preparing for my trip to the Hollow Earth (Inner Earth).  We will be a group of 11 people.  You can read about the Hollow Earth in a book written by Diane Robbins, "Messages from the Hollow Earth".  It is so good, I can hardly put it down!
There is no pollution, everything is in perfect harmony, the water sings to you and caresses you , all the homes are circular, all communication is telepathic.  The animals are friendly, domestic  and come right up to you. If they eat, they eat only vegetables and fruit.  There are no restaurants.
There is no sickness, no poor, no hungry people or war as we have here.  All the beings there are evolved fitfh and sixth dimensional brothers and sisters that have been helping us by sending their love daily and patiently waiting for us to awaken in consciousness and be ready to interact, learn and evolve with them.
I think the people of the Earth may finally be ready to know of its existence.  I surely hope. so , as we are on the verge of meeting with our neighbors , both from Inner Earth and From other Universes...what do you think?  Are you ready for some adventure, or do you want more of the same old , same old?

Activation of the Cities of Light-Happening This Weekend!

There is a group of lightworkers celebrating the Activation of the Cities of Light!!!
Remember last month, I shared with you about the Sedona City of Light?!!!
Well, hear all about it.. They are finally being activated!  We are all manifesting it
together!  NOTE:  After you listen to the replay , scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can join the event online for only $33.00 if you like!!    Love n lite.