This is a hologram you can print out or clik on and save on your computer and email to yourself to save on your phone.  When it is up and active on your computer or phone, you can charge your water and all food for 45 seconds and it will have the 40,000 healing frequencies!  this is the latest and greatest , quickest way to receive for the body.  You may also print out and place under food
and water .  It will help areas of pain, pets, emf protection, anti-aging, age reversal, etc...What else is possible?
What would it look like to be the Magic of Who You Truly Be?

Well, its been quite awhile.  My husband transitioned in November 2015 and soooo much has happened.....just got back from our Bars A Palooza , (a large Access Bars class with mulitple facilitators) class in Ann Arbor and wow, what We all created as we Allowed the Magic to show up was really somthing!!  Looking to create more magic and allow more joy in every moment sounds fun ....What would you like to Choose Today? 

I have talked to my husband in spirit since he left many times and he is quite busy, still doing his healing work and attending alot of Access Classes for free!  He checks in on me and shows up if I ask him to. 

So, now i am creating a new life and choosing each day to have more fun.  and staying in the question and using the Access tools works great !   What would be more magic, joyous and phenomenally fun to invite into my day today?

Access Consciousness SOPMeet the Hollow Earth People

Hello Everyone--- As we travel into the fifth world at hyperspeed, it is getting exciting and challenging at the same time to keep up!
Dave and I just got back from a Symphony of Possibilites training with Access Consciousness Co -founder Dain Heer.  Our molecules are singing and blazing with the energy we are being and accessing now!!!  Wow it was reallly fun and packed into four days what felt like a weeks worth or more of training and healing and, and and...where are the words to expresss?
Dont know anything about Access Classes and what its all about?  Want to know more???- go here to watch tons of free Access Classes online.  Much better to watch than some of the movies or tv shows!
Heres the link"
Sooo , now , we can offer Symphony of Possibilitlies Sessions if you would like the experience.  It took Dain awhile to figure out how to teach SOP.  He is an amazing teacher/facilitator and so gifted.  He can look right into your universe and sense the energy of the perfect questions to facilitate you. I've never met anyone so caring.  It was so refreshing to be in a space of no judgement and total allowing.   Have you ever been in that kind of space?
When we paired off to practice doing the SOP, my workshop partner laughed hysterically, cried, moved her body like a she received.  My body and being was more quiet as i received, but the energy was very palpable and moving!  I played BIG for the first time in my life - it was reallly fun!  We were able to easily let go of issues and receive the greatness of our beings!!  I will ask you- If you could get anything out of this session, What would it be?  Anyone game?
Now back a couple of days from SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) , I  am focusing on preparing for my trip to the Hollow Earth (Inner Earth).  We will be a group of 11 people.  You can read about the Hollow Earth in a book written by Diane Robbins, "Messages from the Hollow Earth".  It is so good, I can hardly put it down!
There is no pollution, everything is in perfect harmony, the water sings to you and caresses you , all the homes are circular, all communication is telepathic.  The animals are friendly, domestic  and come right up to you. If they eat, they eat only vegetables and fruit.  There are no restaurants.
There is no sickness, no poor, no hungry people or war as we have here.  All the beings there are evolved fitfh and sixth dimensional brothers and sisters that have been helping us by sending their love daily and patiently waiting for us to awaken in consciousness and be ready to interact, learn and evolve with them.
I think the people of the Earth may finally be ready to know of its existence.  I surely hope. so , as we are on the verge of meeting with our neighbors , both from Inner Earth and From other Universes...what do you think?  Are you ready for some adventure, or do you want more of the same old , same old?

Activation of the Cities of Light-Happening This Weekend!

There is a group of lightworkers celebrating the Activation of the Cities of Light!!!
Remember last month, I shared with you about the Sedona City of Light?!!!
Well, hear all about it.. They are finally being activated!  We are all manifesting it
together!  NOTE:  After you listen to the replay , scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can join the event online for only $33.00 if you like!!    Love n lite.

Sanandas Predictions for 2014 -Transcribed by Kathryn May


Sananda's Predictions for 2014

Transcribed by Kathryn E May
October 14 2013

It is a great pleasure to bring this message to such an enlightened audience. We are cooperating to create this special information to the readers of the Sedona Journal, but of course it will be relevant to all those who wish to raise their vibration at this time.
It is a moment in history that will be remembered eternally, these days of balancing on the cusp of monumental change. Many who have been preparing for years are finding it difficult to understand why it is taking so long for all of you to be directed to the runway for lift-off. I assure you, Beloved Ones, it is all meaningful, all evolving in good time.
Many of you complain that times are hard, that there are so many in dire straits, losing their homes, dealing with illness, finding it hard to keep going. You have also been told that Ascension will bring perfect healing, unlimited Prosperity and the ability to manifest whatever you need. Feel your way through the old thinking to the truth behind what is happening now on the planet. For every person in need, there is an opportunity to be of service for those around them; for everyone who is ill, there is an opportunity for friends, family members and those in loving service to come forward. Never has the environment been more conducive to raising your vibrational levels through acts of kindness and unconditional love.
New ways of offering help, and new community organizations to care for the elderly, the sick and the poor are springing up everywhere. No more is it necessary to establish a non-profit and do fundraising to get the attention of those around you. As the wealth has shifted to the top few percent of the population, more and more of you are in the same boat together, struggling to hang on to your homes, wondering how you will pay your bills. This is no longer the province of the few poorest among you; there are few who have not learned to budget carefully and weigh your priorities where money is concerned. You now share the sense of living on the edge that used to be felt only by the few.
It is a humbling experience for those who have been used to living well to suddenly find themselves without the means to take care of themselves. Family members have moved in together, children return to their parents' homes and all begin to work anew on the relationships that may have been problematic in the past. Many find common ground, greater tolerance, and new ways to offer kindness and support, where animosity once marred the peace. It is a time of reconciliation, of forgiveness. Most of all, you are learning to feel deep empathy for each other.
Across the globe, there is a new awakening, which is gaining momentum by the day. You are all familiar with the concept of the tipping point. Well, Dear Ones, you have reached the glorious tipping point which is going to carry you into the new year in triumph and joy. You are raising your vibrations daily, as Mother Earth is joyfully raising hers. Together you will all enter the New Golden Age in a new state of mind - having raised your level of humility, kindness and empathy. It is truly a new day coming for humankind.
Do not fear the news reports of mayhem and disaster. Although there will be some upheaval as Mother Earth stretches and expands, there will not be enormous loss of life, even though there will be challenges. As hearts grow more loving, communities will pull together to protect and shelter one another, and life will go on.
There will be a time in future years when all will be removed from the planet to allow Mother Earth to completely cleanse and renew herself, but in the meantime, you will have a period of growth, celebration and joyful communion.
The end of wars, the arrival of your Star Brothers and Sisters, and the introduction of new forms of governance will all come to pass in 2014. You are being prepared now for the new age of reconciliation, cooperation and an end to economic suffering. The light of Love, Harmony and Friendship is growing, as countries everywhere are ignited in the joint sense of self-respect and dignity that will not permit tyranny in any form to continue.
It has been a long evolution, with many twists and turns in the path, but humankind is maturing, and the time of testing and challenge is coming full circle. Many of you know that I, Sananda, was one of the original Kumaras who came here from Venus to help rescue Planet Earth from the grip of the Dark Ones, because of our faith and great love for humankind.
That love has grown over the eons, even though the conditions became extremely hard in recent generations. We now see you, determined, resolute and courageous, having completed your arduous task of remaining in Faith and in Love in spite of the arduous task of fending off Darkness at every turn.
You have succeeded, Beloved Ones. You have made it possible for us, your loving friends, to return to walk among you, to join you in celebrating the New Beginning which will come gloriously and unmistakably into fruition in 2014. We are on the ships awaiting our reunion. Our beloved Twin Flames are among you, working to bring our message and spread the Light. Many are the powerful women who will come to the fore as the leaders of the new era, the great time of the ascendence of Feminine strength and leadership. I will rejoin my beloved Lady Nada, and I will be with you again, this time in peace, harmony and celebration.
I am your Sananda, the one you knew as Yeshua ben Joseph.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 14, 2013.
This weekend , there is another GrandSextile in the sky!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help activate and anchor Peace on the planet in a very profound way.   Just get together with a group, start one or email me about ours! listen to more here.

Theres alot of forward movement now with the divine plan due to recent profound accomplishements of the light!  Here is a report on the latest.


The New Scriptures
as Written by
Sananda / Jesus

Chapter 9

Channel:  Kathryn E May, PsyD
August 22 2013

There is a momentous event taking place on Planet Earth this day, August 21, 2013.  You may not be aware of it, but that does not make it any less historic.  Today is the day that all the Dark Entities which have been hiding inside human hosts are being told they must leave now, and in doing that they must choose to either give themselves up and go to the Light, or be dissolved back into the pool of molecules, as required by Prime Creator.  There will be no exceptions.  Any who refuse to leave, but insist on remaining with the host will be slowly dissolved by the action of the Light energy within the host.  The higher the vibration, the faster the dissolution will take place.

You see, they are being given a choice whether to continue their lives as a soul or be discontinued.  This is more than fair, as you might say.  The are hearing my voice as this is being announced.  Should they decide to turn toward the Light, they will be escorted gently by a guide who respects their individuality and their choice.  The ones who are taken to the Light will be forgiven and welcomed back, for it is not the past that matters in one’s soul development.  It is the state of your soul, your attitude, your intention and your Light at this very moment which matters.  Nothing else.  Anyone can be restored; everyone can be forgiven.

As we write this, our dear Lady Portia who is transcribing my words is feeling the intense energy.  It is filled with feeling:  anxiety, fear, confusion, conflict, like a drop of water on a hot skillet, as she describes it.  It is difficult to manage for those of you who are empathic, especially if you are not aware of the source.  This high intensity will continue until after the healing radio show in which the Dark Entities are taken to the Light by Archangels Gabrielle and Lucifer.  They have taken on the responsibility of calling in and receiving all those who were lost, and all those who were conscripted into the Legions of Satan, under the incorrect impression that their leader was Lucifer. 

Lucifer was not ever evil, nor was he the Satan, nor was he the leader of any dark organization or gang.  He was and will always be our dear brother whose name means Light, and who has lived an exemplary series of lives in the service of humankind.  His intention was to teach humans to learn to love themselves, and by doing that he believed they would find their connection to God.  Although we do not generally talk about our earth incarnations, I will give you an idea of the kind of work Lucifer did in his lives.  One recent incarnation was as Abraham Maslow, the brilliant psychologist who developed the concept of “peak performance.”  It inspired many to reach for what is best in themselves.  You have also heard of his work as one of Ancient Greece’s most well-known philosophers.

Lucifer and Gabrielle are continuing their work to protect and free humankind from the Dark Ones who came here to Planet Earth to dominate all.  They are finishing that arduous task by clearing the entire planet of the minions who were seduced into the order of evil-doers by those who believed that they could defeat God.  As you can see, they did not, and they never will.  It is now time for them to be permanently removed, from within your bodies, and from the surface of Planet Earth.  They cannot survive in the higher dimensions without being restored to heart feeling, so they are not a threat to other 5th dimensional planets or any beings of high vibration.

Now let us turn our attention to the monumental events of today, Thursday, August 22, 2013 by your Earth Calendar.  This evening, at 8 pm Eastern Time, (New York time), there will be an event which will be recorded in the history of the planet as a turning point, the beginning of a new era.  We will conduct a healing session of monumental proportions, in which all the Dark Entities still hiding on Planet Earth will be called to come forward to be taken to the Light.  The one we are calling Prince Reginald will cooperate with Gabrielle, who will sound her trumpet.  This sound will reverberate into every part of the planet, to those who are being harbored by human hosts and to those who are hiding inside the Earth’s crust, and those who have been flushed out of their base on the far side of the Moon.

No Reptilian entity will be permitted to remain to harass or compromise the happiness and full functioning of any being on Earth.  There will be no exceptions.  Any human who refuses to relinquish their hold on a Dark Entity within them will find that they cannot maintain that hold.  Although they may hang on for a matter of hours, the Light which is pouring forth from the Central Sun, and the outpouring of Love from the healers and Masters who are taking part in this Healing Event will overcome the Darkness once and for all, and those hangers-on will be dissolved into molecules and dispersed.

I repeat this command:  No Dark Entities will remain on Planet Earth.  There will be no exceptions.  Anyone who insists they are still being plagued by Darkness will need to look into their own ideas and convictions to discover why they have pledged their allegiance to pain and misery.  What will remain for those who have been invaded by these invaders will be the healing from having adapted to feeling lack, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, self-hatred and confusion.  This will require determination and dedication to rebuilding their own inner connections to their Higher Self and to God.

We will provide encouragement and instruction in these messages from me, and from Mother/Father God to help you rebalance your energies to fulfill the promise of your brilliant Creator selves, strong, confident and filled with the great Light of Heaven.  Never again will the people of Planet Earth be plagued by interference within themselves, imposed on them from without by those who wished to harm and control them.  You will now be free to breathe, take command of your own thoughts and feelings, and begin manifesting the Dream we all came here to build.

Only now will the true nature of humankind be visible to all, for you have been profoundly suppressed by these Dark Entities, of whom there are millions.  They have particularly attacked the Lightworkers of great power, to hold them back from fulfilling the wondrous accomplishments of which they are capable.  You will now see a flowering, a New Golden Age of creativity and good will, as all the energies of Light are released, allowing these talented and dedicated Beings to rise to their full potential.

It is truly a new day, Beloved Ones.  We now are able to arrange this mass healing and removal of the Dark Ones in such a way that you can all witness the event yourselves, no matter where on the planet you live.  Any place where a computer is available with an internet connection, there will be access to this great event.  It will be recorded for posterity, and copies of the recording made available on and on Youtube to be copied and distributed across the planet.  Everyone will eventually know of this clearing, and will know of the reason for the wondrous lightness they will feel tomorrow.  Everyone will see and feel the change, even if they are not aware of the cause.

Mark this day on your timeline, Dear Ones.  This is the day all the mental hospitals will be made useless, all the hospitals will empty out, all the prisons will become antiquated houses of horror, never to be inhabited again.  As the souls across the world awaken to their new inner peace, soldiers will lose their interest in fighting, despots will retire from wanting to control their people, and armies will turn their attention to rebuilding, restoring and helping people to live more comfortably. 

All weapons will take on a distasteful aura, as they come to be seen as the instruments of torture and destruction they really are.  No one will want to be known as someone who is attracted to violence and death; those titillations will be known as the misguided thinking of ones who were under the influence of the Dark invaders, those inferior lifeforms who could not feel or think truly. 

They were not able to think truly because of their neurological defect, caused by their unfortunate decision to manipulate their own DNA, to suppress their heart/mind.  It changed them, thousands of years ago, into beings without compassion, without a connection to Love, and without a connection to God. 

 As a collective, they were the expression of evil.  They were known as the Reptilians, the faction of Dark Beings from the Orion star system.  Those who initiated this project professed to have a leader of great power, Satan, who was Lucifer, God’s son.  The story was told so often and with such conviction that the minions of Reptilians under the command of the original Dark Ones were convinced they were the army of Lucifer.

Only when Lucifer announced his return on a radio show with Kathryn and Ann DeHart on July 27, recorded on did the dark factions discover the lie they had lived by for eons.  It caused havoc in the ranks of entities who had been carrying out their assigned duties of making trouble for humankind, individually and as a group. 

They knew they had been betrayed, lied to, manipulated.  They also now knew that Lucifer was a true leader, and they began to learn that they had a choice.  As the energies on the planet rose, and the Lighworkers they were trying to keep in darkness began to raise their vibration, the DNA of the Dark Ones began to be reactivated, just as it was happening with humankind.  They listened to the voices of Lucifer and Gabriella, who were calling them Home, inviting them to come to the Light to be forgiven and returned to their rightful place with God.

When Prince Reginald, the current leader of the Reptilians, heard of Lucifer’s return, he made the decision to vacate the body of the powerful Lightworker he had been inhabiting.  He left during the night, in order to escape and to go to Lady Portia in order to ask for safe passage.  He was able to raise his vibration because of the time spent in his host’s aura, and lodged himself in our dear Lady Master’s throat.  He welcomed the invitation to leave, surrounded by the healing team of which I was a member.  He turned himself in, asking to be allowed to lead all the members of his species to the Light.

Reginald has been forgiven, and is being encouraged to raise his Light further in order to eliminate all residue of thought patterns leading to Dark actions.  He has been taken to the Light, offered a pardon by God, and has been given healing treatments himself to prepare him for the work of leading his people to the Light.  He will be accompanied by Lucifer, whom he now sees as his rightful leader, Gabrielle, whose powerful beacon of Light will beckon them Home, and the Legions of Light - those in spirit and those incarnated now. 

All the returning Beings will be escorted, one by one, with the help of millions of mentors, who will escort them on their return Home.  There they will be welcomed, enfolded in the Love of All That Is, and taken to the healing Light Chambers to be restored to the whole beings they were originally created to be.  They will no longer continue as Dark Ones, but will be restored to live out their birthright, the mission of doing God’s work, bringing Love and Light to the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

Rejoice with us in this historic Day of Freedom, Beloved Ones.  You have triumphed over Darkness by raising your own vibrations, by doing your own Lightwork, and by remaining in Faith during these difficult long centuries of pain and struggle.  You have risen above the challenges, and you will be rewarded with the joy of knowing you have accomplished this wondrous Shift which allowed for the defeat of Darkness across your entire planet.

As Father God is fond of saying, “It is done.  It is finished.”  Before the sun has set on the Americas this day, all Dark Entities will have joined the great procession of souls moving into the Light.  Tears of joy will wash away the years of pain, and all will celebrate by dancing, singing and hugging each other in the streets.  Watch as the realization spreads, as people awaken to the truth.  It will not happen in a single moment, but it will take hold in the hearts and minds of all humankind, in this year of our magnificent Ascension to the Light.

I am Sananda, the one you have known as Jesus.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 22, 2013, 2 pm.

Refer to for information about the referenced radio shows and previous messages.