The Galactic Federation is Here

Recent siting of ufo in London. Dont believe for a minute that the Galactic Federation isnt here. They have mitigated the explosion that occurred in the Gulf. They are here to help us co-create our new earth with the new technologies. They must be invited in to help and assist. They are not here to do it for us. We must be the peace and welcome them in. Consider participating by being the peace and inviting them into our world.

The Ascended Masters are saying we must stand in our power and stop this now.
Referring to the gulf oil spill. And we have been given a challenge to take full responsibility for what occurs on this planet. To stand up for ourselves and speak out when we see something that is not for the good of the people and the planet. The time is now. Wake up. Walk your talk. Be in integrity. Realize you are the I AM and you agreed to be here now, to wake up and raise your consciousness. Please pray daily and send the violet flame 24/7 - with the help of St. Germain. And say , intensify, intensify, intensify a thousand times a thousand fold. Join a prayer group on the net or via teleconference to pray together in groups. We need to come together more often now. Send a note to your senators and the President asking for the new energies to be released. Thanks for participating!

Here is some information to pass on to raise awareness of the reality of the situation , and the need for prayer.

Go to and click on A deadly bubble to view the latest breaking news dated June 14th, 2010. For the power of the violet flame, go to

Another informational Audio file is located on you tube. After you get on You Tube- type in Bill Deagle Project Camelot, Evacuate Florida by this Summer.

On you tube again, type in Urgent Message from Keisha , Little Grandmother

To send an email message to the President , go to and click on Contact Me. Or call 202-456-1414 to leave a message with the operator.

Doctors Who are Curing Cancer

Suzanne Sommers has a new book out "Knockout Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer". This is breaking ground into where we really need to be going. To Educate the people about how to take back their power by opening up to making other choices for how to take care of their bodies.
Suzanne outlines how some doctors are stepping outside the box to change their path to one of caring most about making people well. With cancer now the #1 killer in our country, we need to get started to making cancer preventable, manageable and curable. This is a start.

There are alternatives available in addition to what Suzanne talks about that I have found on my path of research over the past several years. I can share with you ways that I am and have been using to prevent and stay healthy. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear of more very viable ways that deal with and prevent cancer/disease in the body. We may not be able to help everyone , however we can certainly change the trend in a significant way from being an increasing one to being drastically reduced!

My email is or my website is

Marianne Williamson in Detroit

I went to hear Marianne Williamson speak at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit and want to share. She spoke straight from the heart and presented alot of clarity to the vision of what is happening in Detroit and on our planet. She began by talking about how the same aircraft that we use for military means was also used to carry supplies to the people of Haiti. She then led into how she spoke at Renaissance Unity (where she was Sr. Minister for four years here in the Detroit area) about how we needed to transform the auto industry into having and being the focus for the new sustainable energy and fuels that will support the environment and the people and allow us to move forward in a responsible and wholistic way. How our addiction to oil must stop and this is what the Gulf oil spill is about---showing us that we must stop now, wake up and take responsibility. Do the 12 steps so to speak for this crazy addiction. Acknowledge that we have been addicted to oil and get on with the healing of this planet. Stop being in denial like alot of addicts are because you cannot heal unless you acknowledge that you have a problem.
I feel that she was right on. It was a very moving experience sitting there in the heart of Detroit , the mirocosm of the macrocosm. I felt the wound being directly spoken to. I ran the violet flame throughout much of her talk.

The Central United Methodist Church is addressing some of the greatest needs of Detroit. They were celebrating their 200th anniversary. They are organizing an action rally on June 24th at 9am to have the Mayor and the Governor declare a state of emergency to stop the foreclosures being done by the banks-the idea is to motivate the banks to move away from the idea of profit and greed and move towards the idea of helping the people. They have made thousands of dollars on these properties. Time to come from the heart! Our corporations need to change. We do have alot of power when we come together.

The church also feeds thousands of homeless people and are in need of your support. Please consider helping by sending love and light at 9pm each night to the city of Detroit. And visit the church for their Sunday 10 am service or their website for more information at

June 1, 2010

Wow! The vibrations are really high- have you all noticed? The push to be in integrity and clean up your issues is on. I personally love it and am able to go with the flow and help people out.

The masters have activated me into a more expanded version of my mission-which is of course moving towards overseeing the Healing and Transformation Centers that will go up in this area of Southeastern Michigan very quicky after announcements of the new economic system and full disclosure.

The form it has taken is in speaking invitations about the alternative healing program that I have participated in for nine years called The Aim Program of Energetic Balancing- Because it will be a priority to move towards self healing and self empowerment as we move more fully into this Quantum Transformation in consciousness. Education of the people is now a must. People have so much to catch up with in order to take their power back and fully embrace their I Am , Christ consciousness.

The other big priority for all of us is to get active in calling your Senators and the President and demand the clean up of the oil spill now and Ask for divine intervention to do so. We must take our planet back before more damage is done. We all need to wake up Now.
We have the technology available to do this clean up and we could use some help from our Galactic friends. They will not intervene unless we ask for it though.

I will include links to our Whitehouse site and a link to the you tube video that talks about the technology we have that would clean up the oil site in a few weeks with no harm to the people or the environment. Please participate and call your Senators to demand the cleanup be done now and ask for Full Disclosure.

I cant seem to upload the you tube video so go to you tube and type in "Gulf Oil Spill- Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks" and it will come up!

Thanks for your participation. The Ascended Masters say that every call and email counts!
Will you help Mother Earth with her ascension? She requests and needs us now.