The Ascended Masters are saying we must stand in our power and stop this now.
Referring to the gulf oil spill. And we have been given a challenge to take full responsibility for what occurs on this planet. To stand up for ourselves and speak out when we see something that is not for the good of the people and the planet. The time is now. Wake up. Walk your talk. Be in integrity. Realize you are the I AM and you agreed to be here now, to wake up and raise your consciousness. Please pray daily and send the violet flame 24/7 - with the help of St. Germain. And say , intensify, intensify, intensify a thousand times a thousand fold. Join a prayer group on the net or via teleconference to pray together in groups. We need to come together more often now. Send a note to your senators and the President asking for the new energies to be released. Thanks for participating!

Here is some information to pass on to raise awareness of the reality of the situation , and the need for prayer.

Go to and click on A deadly bubble to view the latest breaking news dated June 14th, 2010. For the power of the violet flame, go to

Another informational Audio file is located on you tube. After you get on You Tube- type in Bill Deagle Project Camelot, Evacuate Florida by this Summer.

On you tube again, type in Urgent Message from Keisha , Little Grandmother

To send an email message to the President , go to and click on Contact Me. Or call 202-456-1414 to leave a message with the operator.

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