New Healing Modality Brings Results

I had gotten frustrated with what is available in the healing arts as it seemed to not be sufficient enough to really help my clients. So I kept asking for something better. I finally found it and can happily say I am now offering sessions over the phone utilizing this new modality. My clients are amazed and very happy with the results they are seeing. I can help with most disorders, physical, mental or emotional. This is a very effective treatment. Email me with a list (short and precise) of your challenges at and I will email you with instructions and appointment times to choose from. OR visit my main website for more information
The Center for Healing and Transformation

Over the summer of 2008 I have created a business concept for a very large healing and educational center to be in this area (SE Michigan-NE Detroit suburbs). I am very excited to see this coming into being. This project represents to me the beginning of my life’s work, the real reason for my incarnation. I would have to say that I am very passionate about this project and it is my “baby”! In that light, I wrote the vision and mission statement for this center earlier this year. I also wrote nineteen Points of Culture that we will operate under.

I work and communicate with highly evolved beings on the other side. Mostly, it is several Archangels that are helping me with this project. However, there actually are many hundreds of angels and helpers assigned to this project. They guide me and direct me, so it is easy to know what to do next.

What they are saying now is that the time is nearing for this creation to come into form and it is important to write, talk and network about it to let others know of it who may want to participate. I have many helpers in the non-physical but it is time now to begin seeing those who are here in the physical to show up and play their part in this creation.

To give you an idea of the size and scope of this project, the facility is envisioned to be more like a mini-university with several buildings. I have a Business Concept document written to hold the vision as requested by the Archangels. This center will be a template for many others that will go up very quickly around the globe.

This center is being created specifically to support the awakening of the masses that will happen as a direct result of a global reorganization that is very soon to occur.

So that you know something about me and who I am, here is the bio from my website:
Crystal Gail has been attuned and certified in 'The Reconnective Healings' by Dr. Eric Pearl. She is offering sessions as a healing practitioner of "The Reconnective Healings" as talked about in "The Keys of Enoch" and Dr. Eric Pearl's book "The Reconnection". These frequencies have continued to baffle the medical community since their introduction in 1993. Hospitals and universities across the country are investing time and money in an attempt to explain them. Eric Pearl has passed his gift on to many who have become proficient in their own right. Crystal Gail now brings this extraordinary gift to the Metropolitan Detroit area. These frequencies will take us to the next level in our evolution! Crystal Gail learned Reiki from a master and also studied the use of sound for healing in Albuquerque. During her many years on the spiritual path she studied numerology, self-hypnosis, meditation, working with the angels, and channeling. Crystal Gail was certified in Theta Healing, in late 2004, a powerful 7th dimension healing technique. A wonderful gift from the Creator that allows working with Core Beliefs and eliminating those subconscious programs that have been blocking us for eons. Can virtually eliminate physical, mental and emotional debris from your matrix. Have you been experiencing any challenges lately?? My spiritual teacher says that the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean was caused by several factors, one being all of our unresolved emotions. Consider helping to heal the planet and make a phone appointment if you live at a distance or come in person.

From 2003-2007 I have been working closely with the Ascended Masters , studying the I AM DISCOURSES and meditating, invoking and communicating with the Masters. After going on spiritual pilgrimage , I was awakened most fully to my divine purpose and began teaching a Mystery School. Gail is also a Mahatma Initiate having done several Mahatma workshops (based on the work of Brian Grattan). Adam and Karen Teesdale who are here locally continue to bring forth Brian's work. I am a teacher on the 6th Ray of Peace, Ministration and Service and came here to help awaken, teach, minister to and help the people and the planet thru this great awakening in Consciousness! Please contact me if you would like to attend my Meditation or Conscious Creation/Law of Attraction Classes if you live in the Greater Detroit area.
I have worked the entire Administrative spectrum in my 20 some years in the corporate world as well.

So, now that you know me a little, I want to really put out there that participants in this project really be aligned and creating from the heart. You are passionate about life, love people and have great communication skills. No room for ego here as the project will only succeed within the scope of oneness (unconditional love) and what is written in the Vision and Mission statement. So, if this is you, please read on and review the statements!

Understand that these are not “jobs” that I am proposing to fill (at this time). Just want to know if this project is something you would be passionate about and where you might be able to be of service.

I am really looking for financial and management staff resources to help me get this up and running when given the high sign. Practitioners and volunteers yes, however a little bit later. So—see if you resonate with this and check with your guidance.

Before I present the Vision and Mission Statements, here is the ‘Law of One’ which summarizes how we will operate and what everyone will need to align with:

We are all One
When One is harmed, all are harmed
When One is helped, all are helped
Therefore in the name of Who I Am and I Am One with All That Is
I ask that only that which Is the Highest Good of All concerned happen
I Give thanks that this is done
So Be It!

And now , here are the Statements:

Mission Statement
Will bring well being and spiritual alignment by nurturing the soul and providing access to the latest leading edge resources.
Vision Statement
We are a team of lightworkers devoted to the unfolding of the divine plan that have been guided and directed to come together. We will work within our points of culture to help raise the consciousness and well being of each and every person who comes to our center.
We will embrace and honor the Oneness and Unity in each other in order to provide the highest service to mankind in our daily interactions. We will do this by practicing Hoponopono (Saying to the Divine within: I love you, I forgive you, Thank you and I’m sorry) and holding a pure intention to align with our Divinity each day. By doing this we heal ourselves and everyone around us and take 100% responsibility for what we are creating.
All practitioners and resources involved will be aligned with The Divine Plan and our Vision. Our Center is overlighted by Archangels and Heavenly Helpers who are vigilantly at work to protect, nurture and assist in numerous ways.

We operate under the Law of One at all times:
We are all One When One is harmed, all are harmed When One is helped, all are helped Therefore in the name of Who I AM and I AM One with All there Is I ask that only that which is the Highest Good of all concerned-Happen I Give Thanks That This is Done. So Be It!
We will provide healing services and products of all types to assist all who come to align with well being and spiritual alignment. This will include therapeutic massage, energy work, energetic balancing, color therapy, holistic doctors, hypnosis, full spectrum light healing, dna repatterning, reconnective healing , counseling, coaching, meditation, law of attraction classes, etc. Our center will be large and utilize a full range of services to address all concerns physical, spiritual, mental or emotional.

The center will operate as a liaison facility to the Galactic Federation where you can meet members of the Federation and receive training in new technologies to heal the earth.
Each client can be directed to the correct practitioner, modality or product by a Greeting Consultant in the Welcome Center.

The Divine is our Marketing Director and guides anyone who is in need of our services to us.
We will remain flexible and allow ourselves to add or improve our services as needed to remain in alignment with the Divine Plan and address all needs efficiently and lovingly.

Points of Culture

1. Integrity
I am aligned in thought , word and deed to my higher self. I am willing to be 100% responsible for my actions and engage a mindset of peace and cooperation. I say what I mean and mean what I Say. I follow up on all of my work and responsibilities to ensure complete satisfaction for my clients and teammates.

2. Education
I am willing to learn and consistently upgrade my skills and services as needed. I am continually stretching, growing and releasing. I am devoted to the health and well being of my clients. Knowledge is the greatest purifier.

3. Team Work
I am connected to Unity Consciousness through my Higher Self allowing me to be in harmony with my teammates at all times. I engage energetically only on the level of harmony and cooperation. My teammates are always happy with me, my work and what I offer. If I need support, I am always able to find it easily from one of my teammates.

4. Personal Mastery
I am always seeking to engage the highest consciousness in my endeavors. I have mastered my mind, my body and my emotions to serve only that which is best for me. I am the best, therefore, I give my best.

5. Gratitude
I am truly grateful to work with like minded people in such a beautiful environment. It is easy to engage an attitude of gratitude to be able to offer my best.

6. Abundance
I am abundant in all ways, in business, in relationships, in everything I need as I know that engaging the Law of Attraction is in constant motion for my good and the needs of the Center. I need only to allow.

7. Joy
I follow the path of joy by allowing myself to prioritize feeling good and nurturing myself and my fellow teammates with good feelings each day.
I am cognizant of my teammate’s feelings. I offer praise, compliments, smiles and laughter as I am inspired in each moment. I nurture myself with massage and other therapies as often as I need to.

8. Balance
I allow myself to monitor my giving and receiving to ensure that I stay in balance. When I am balanced, I am able to offer the best to my clients. When I need to receive, I schedule time off to nurture myself.

9. Harmony
I operate with the intention of feeling harmony within me first. As I take time to meditate daily and harmonize within, I embody harmony and radiate, express and offer it naturally.

10. Spiritual Fulfillment
I am aligned with my Higher Self and what is for the highest good of all.
Because I always reach for the highest, I am able to access my spiritual gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, prophecy and knowing. Freedom, peace and joy are dominant for me naturally. I am greatly fulfilled each time I help my clients to reach their potential more fully. I am fulfilled in each moment.

11. Inspiration
I am able to offer inspiration and hope to others. I am gifted in this way and offer it freely in my services and teachings for the Center.

12. Wisdom
I am greatly empowered by knowing myself most fully. I see myself in others. I am well read and am constantly learning and applying new principles to master all that I am capable of. I am discerning and wise.

13. Environment
We create a wonderful environment of peace, healing and harmony. All of the music, colors and crystals in the healing center are conducive to this effect. Everyone loves coming into our healing center because of the radiance of peace.

14. Values
Our most important value is to honor and serve our clients and to ensure that they get what they came to receive. Our goal is to assist humanity to the next levels of evolution. As each level is revealed, we recalibrate gracefully to achieve our arrival.

15. Oneness
As we evolve, we are able to tap into an experience of the oneness.
As we do, we become ever more synchronized with each other and every thought, word and deed expresses itself effortlessly and peacefully in divine order.

16. Heart-Centered
All duality is erased in the divine union fusion energies of the heart. Our directive is to operate from the heart in love and service. All of our needs are met as well as those of our clients as we follow our hearts. Heavenly helpers surround each of us and each of our clients.

17. Communications
I communicate clearly with my teammates and clients. Everyone always knows what to expect from me as I make it a point to follow up on all my responsibilities and follow tasks through to completion. I am a joy to work with and be around. All problems are easily resolved with the help of a highly conscious and skillful staff.

18. Fun, Play, Adventure
I engage a sense of humor as I go about my day and take advantage of the dance classes or other play activities the Center provides to ensure that I am nurturing my inner child and make this a part of my day.

19. Success
We strive to be the best in our services and attitude towards the Center and our clients. We engage Hoponopono and gratitude to attain the greatest success. We set quarterly goals to help us measure the success of our Center. Our success is measured by the appreciation of coworkers and clients, the number of referrals we get, the accomplishment of our goals and our revenue.

If you feel passionate about this project and align with these points of culture and the statements, please send me an email or give me a ring. As I stated above, I primarily want to gather financial resources and management staff.

I do want to hear from teachers and healers after this stage is set. Please keep this information if you are so inclined. Everyone’s participation will make this happen. And, it may not be long before you are called into action!

In Love and Service
Gail Miller

To reach Gail for information or to make an appointment, email her at or
visit her website at