Introducing the Amethyst Biomat

I am now officially launching the Healing and Transformation Center with the introduction of the Amethyst Biomat Sessions in my home. With the guidance of St. Germain, I was connected with this product and the directive to energetically, with strong intention launch the Center.
So many people are being healed with this amazing far-infrared heat therapy mat filled with 28 pounds of Amethyst crystals. Good for pain, reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow, destroy cancer and viral cells, benefits circulatory system, etc.

You may try the mat for free with a 15 minute session, or do a 45 minute session for $10.Follup sesssions will be only $30! Come and experience a sense of deep peace and relaxation just to reduce stress. See my products section or my website for more information.

Get your own biomat today and be healed while you sleep! I am so excited to be offering this to my clients.