Treatment with a Laser

Heres a chart of your hand to be able to see what area you can work on....

To give yourself a tuneup- schedule a reflexology appointment and get your hands or feet done.
Or you can do it yourself, with a laser... Some that are available , click on products , then lasers
are here:

Now heres the one of the foot-- if any area is sore, just get them massaged , they need to be work on and they will feel may need a few sessions. or get the reflexology balls to work on them yourself as you sit at home working in your office!  If th ecolon area is sore, get a colonic...
alot of times, one will do you quite well!

Well , its been a long time.  and guess what---lots of stuff happening around the Healing & Transformation Center project all of a sudden.  Now, after 3-4 years of waiting for the right, divine time, it is starting to come forward!    Watch for posts as we begin to move with these wild 4d/5d energies. In the last six months , I have been trained in Bodytalk therapy which addresses blocked energies in the body.  This couples with Enoching , a very leading edge higher consciousness therapy.  When using these together, a whole lot can be accomplished in just one session.  Extremely dynamic, results oriented ....happy clients coming back for more.  I love much fun to help people!!!

In the meantime, check out this site which has a similar concept in Santa Fe.

And, have fun listening to Nora with interesting information about instant manifesting
in 5D and fairies, and all sorts of stuff! Watch the "Cosmic Renunion" Video!