Update August 18, 2009

Hello everyone!

Things are moving along and I've been enjoying a steady flow of connections with people and healers who will be participating in the Center. I did a half hour talk on a conference call about the Healing Center project - How it came into being in summer of 2007 and how it has progressed since then to current day. The date of this talk is August 7, 2009. Please take time to listen if you'd like to know more about the project and especially if you think you would like to participate in it. Remember, these communities will be going up globally - so you will be able to participate wherever you live. Heres the information:
If you missed the conference call talk and meditation done by Myself and Cheryl Croci on Friday, August 7, please listen to the audio for some good listening pleasure! Scroll down a little ways to Special Class audio link , then right click on it to download. Then open it as soon as it finishes downloading. Go here http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/grt.html