June 1, 2010

Wow! The vibrations are really high- have you all noticed? The push to be in integrity and clean up your issues is on. I personally love it and am able to go with the flow and help people out.

The masters have activated me into a more expanded version of my mission-which is of course moving towards overseeing the Healing and Transformation Centers that will go up in this area of Southeastern Michigan very quicky after announcements of the new economic system and full disclosure.

The form it has taken is in speaking invitations about the alternative healing program that I have participated in for nine years called The Aim Program of Energetic Balancing-
http://www.energetic-balancing.com/. Because it will be a priority to move towards self healing and self empowerment as we move more fully into this Quantum Transformation in consciousness. Education of the people is now a must. People have so much to catch up with in order to take their power back and fully embrace their I Am , Christ consciousness.

The other big priority for all of us is to get active in calling your Senators and the President and demand the clean up of the oil spill now and Ask for divine intervention to do so. We must take our planet back before more damage is done. We all need to wake up Now.
We have the technology available to do this clean up and we could use some help from our Galactic friends. They will not intervene unless we ask for it though.

I will include links to our Whitehouse site and a link to the you tube video that talks about the technology we have that would clean up the oil site in a few weeks with no harm to the people or the environment. Please participate and call your Senators to demand the cleanup be done now and ask for Full Disclosure.


I cant seem to upload the you tube video so go to you tube and type in "Gulf Oil Spill- Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks" and it will come up!

Thanks for your participation. The Ascended Masters say that every call and email counts!
Will you help Mother Earth with her ascension? She requests and needs us now.

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