Doctors Who are Curing Cancer

Suzanne Sommers has a new book out "Knockout Interviews with Doctors Who are Curing Cancer". This is breaking ground into where we really need to be going. To Educate the people about how to take back their power by opening up to making other choices for how to take care of their bodies.
Suzanne outlines how some doctors are stepping outside the box to change their path to one of caring most about making people well. With cancer now the #1 killer in our country, we need to get started to making cancer preventable, manageable and curable. This is a start.

There are alternatives available in addition to what Suzanne talks about that I have found on my path of research over the past several years. I can share with you ways that I am and have been using to prevent and stay healthy. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear of more very viable ways that deal with and prevent cancer/disease in the body. We may not be able to help everyone , however we can certainly change the trend in a significant way from being an increasing one to being drastically reduced!

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