Marianne Williamson in Detroit

I went to hear Marianne Williamson speak at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit and want to share. She spoke straight from the heart and presented alot of clarity to the vision of what is happening in Detroit and on our planet. She began by talking about how the same aircraft that we use for military means was also used to carry supplies to the people of Haiti. She then led into how she spoke at Renaissance Unity (where she was Sr. Minister for four years here in the Detroit area) about how we needed to transform the auto industry into having and being the focus for the new sustainable energy and fuels that will support the environment and the people and allow us to move forward in a responsible and wholistic way. How our addiction to oil must stop and this is what the Gulf oil spill is about---showing us that we must stop now, wake up and take responsibility. Do the 12 steps so to speak for this crazy addiction. Acknowledge that we have been addicted to oil and get on with the healing of this planet. Stop being in denial like alot of addicts are because you cannot heal unless you acknowledge that you have a problem.
I feel that she was right on. It was a very moving experience sitting there in the heart of Detroit , the mirocosm of the macrocosm. I felt the wound being directly spoken to. I ran the violet flame throughout much of her talk.

The Central United Methodist Church is addressing some of the greatest needs of Detroit. They were celebrating their 200th anniversary. They are organizing an action rally on June 24th at 9am to have the Mayor and the Governor declare a state of emergency to stop the foreclosures being done by the banks-the idea is to motivate the banks to move away from the idea of profit and greed and move towards the idea of helping the people. They have made thousands of dollars on these properties. Time to come from the heart! Our corporations need to change. We do have alot of power when we come together.

The church also feeds thousands of homeless people and are in need of your support. Please consider helping by sending love and light at 9pm each night to the city of Detroit. And visit the church for their Sunday 10 am service or their website for more information at

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