January 25th , 2010 Update

We have been told that arrests are complete. And that world governments are now meeting to discuss how they are going to disclose the galactic presence. As the situation in Haiti gets more stabilized (with all of our help) , there will be a move forward to make the announcements that will bring the new economy, prosperity for all and the healing and transformation centers.

The earthquake in Haiti has awakened all of us to a deeper level of healing within. As long as we are allowing it. Are you going with the flow? Resistance is futile! Focus on peace within yourself and you will be fine. Questions are good. Ask for help if you need to. There are many in the angelic and ascended realms that stand ready to help. Seek for balance and harmony in all of your relationships. The best is yet to come and its not far away! WE have a bright future. Support Obama and Mother Earth with your love and the violet flame. Namaste.

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