Inroads to The New Earth

First and most important, Wow-Meet Raj Patel, Author of "The Value of Nothing" , laying it out for us in lavender. Could he be Maitreya, The World Teacher???? Hmmmm....
Check it out here

In addition...there are many of our Hollywood people that are busy creating inroads to The New Earth. Just a couple of them are Goldie Hawn....motivated by the increasing depression and violence in our schools created a foundation in 2003 to help rethink our whole approach to classroom education and help our children be more successful, nurtured and loved.
Something to consider: Could you be overscheduling your children , it the other end of the
spectrum---not spending any time or enough quality time with your children? What about mom time and dad time with the kids-- is there a way to create balance there? We need to break the bad habits and patterns we took on from our parents instead of handing them down. Are you a workaholic and using that as an excuse to avoid your relationship(s) issues? How close are you really to your spouse, your daughter, your son? Do you know what is closest to your wife's heart? Your daughter's? Ask yourself to stretch and consider where can I be more compassionate, more loving with my family.and friends...Have you seen the TV show based on "Challenge Days (a workshop for kids) called: "If You Really Knew ME? I challenge you to watch just one show this week on MTV , 11pm Tuesdays, 6pm Wednesdays. (its Channel 31 -we have Wowway). If you do take the time to watch -you will see that the Majority of our kids need help and they are not getting the parenting and love that they need. We need to do things better, way better. Ask yourself--how can i Do it better for my kids--or How can i Show up more. Ask them.

It is always best to strive for balance.....Watch Goldies video interviews on the website and see what she's been up to by visiting her at

George Lucas has dedicated himself to a similar mission to improve education for our children and has created many ideal interactive learning environments and so much more at

If we all are willing to stretch just a little, take one step at a time, and break our old victim-based patterns, we will regain the sanity, balance, peace and love that we all need.

Finally, I want to mention Jacques Fresco as a very important man who has created a model for living in The New Earth.He has a model of the building and social structures built in Florida. And there is alot of information and pictures of the structures to give you a good idea of what it could look like! go to

We are being prepared for a Galactic Society where everyone participates and everyone is held accountable will be done in joy and love and we will have fun doing it!!! Imagine that!

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